1. REDIRECT Template:Light Green/GameBlazBlue: Chrono Distortion is a crossover of Chrono Phantasma and of Continuum Error.


The King of Braves and the Inheritor. The Tale of Azure, and the Tale of Twilight, both tales already told, the outcomes decided. Their tales entertwined now by the Blazblue in the world of the Azure, in a world slowly plummeting into oblivion. The Two will return for the final time to bring light and dark together in effort to prevent the curtain from falling over time prevent the Crono Distortion. In this spinoff of the upcoming Chrono Phantasma, unknown force targets strong souls "Data" to download for a classified project hidden from the NOL itself. A mysterious man named Azrael speaks of the one known only as CONTINUUM after he is unsealed by this rougue force. A short time after he awakens, Strange anomalies are detected through Ikaruga and Kagusutchi, creating commotion throughout the government and Sector Seven. Forcing it to split its forces as Azrael takes to the field searching for these anomalies. Some with him, others against.

Hearing rummors and rumblings of a new conflict seeping into his own, Ragna the Bloodedge prepares to leave for Ikaruga and meets a man named HJ who decides to become a traveling companion. Upon arrival he sees a giant tower to the east that pierces the sky itself, figuring it to be one of the sources of the anomalies his journey takes him into the heart of Ikaruga. He sees the anomalies for himself and meets a man named Kiba Soavate, who has brought himself to their world with the help of the Time-Space Distorter. Ragna and Kiba part ways shortly, unware of their fates now being the same. Heroes stir in their shadows, ready to take a stand in the approaching darkness, and with them they head towards their ultimatum to protect their timelines from utter destruction.

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Chrono Phantasma

Continuum Error


  • Ragna the Bloodedge/Abel Ragnar
  • Jin Kisaragi
  • Noel Vermillion
  • Rachel Alucard
  • Taokaka
  • Iron Tager
  • Arakune
  • Bang Shishigami
  • Hakumen
  • Nu-13
  • Tsubaki Yayoi
  • Hazama/Jormungandr Yuki
  • Makoto Nanaya
  • Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
  • Platinum the Trinity
  • Relius Clover


Chrono Phantasma

Continuum Error

  • Kiba Stories: Change of Fate
  • Gale Wing XIV Epitaph: no more observing
  • Ark Wing Stories: Thousand Souls
  • Digamma 03X Stories: Pocket Watch
  • Lilin Stories: Near-Fifth Impact
  • Forte Stories: paráfro̱n
  • Jin Ten-Ryu Stories: In the Flames

Extra Stories