1. REDIRECT Template:Light Green/GameBlazBlue: Continuum Error is the final game of "The King of braves trilogy".

New Characters (Under Construction)

Default (Under Construction)

Downloadable (Under Construction)


Stories (Under Construction)

Stages (Under Construction)

Modes (Under Construction)

  • Arcade Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Score Attack
  • Unlimited Mars
  • Network
  • Abyss Mode
  • Infinite Memories

While everything from the past games return in Continuum Error, a new mode is added, Infinite Memories, which pins the player against Unlimited Characters that are apart of the past of the chosen character. The default stage will always be one of the five sections of the Continuum Error. The final stage being against another version of the chosen character, or the enemy of the chosen character, on the complete Error stage, Continuum Error ~complete~. All are unlocked after completing each characters' story, except for Kiba's, which is unlocked after beating the True Ending.

  • Gallery Mode