The Gurren Sho: Ketan is the chosen Nox Nyctores of Kiba Soavate, and it carries part of Vieral's soul inside of it.


The existence of the Nox Nyctores was unknown to anyone, not even observers, except for Kiba who knew through the Twilight Grimoire. The look of it is of a curved long sword that used to just "fly" through the sky like a boomerang, but not returning to anywhere, instead flying around, above Kiba's location. During Kiba's fight with Stugein, when Kiba activated the Twilight Grimoire, the Gurren Sho slamed into Kiba's right hand after he first activated BlazBlue. It's was also used during Gale Raven's invasion of Kagusuchi to defeat and kill him.


It stands about 8 feet, with a black cover and handle. It is curved only slightly, but it's somehow able to fly forever due to this trait. The blade is marked with a sentence in Serain that says, in English, "Lord, fire Divine, have mercy. Oh how sacred, how serene, how benevolent, how lovely, oh Lily of Chastity".


  • The Serain sentence marked on the blade is part of the lyrics for Lilium, Vieral's theme.
  • The ultimate version of Gurren Sho: Ketan is Ame No: Ohabari.