The Shis (spelled 's) are weapons that can change the area to the user's wish, but were made to change how a person perceive the world.


It's unknown where the Shis came from, but they have a heavy power to them, havingthe ability to change to area by three aspects with all three. Because of testing, artificial Shis have been created, having the same strength as an Ars Armagus.

Natural Shis

Shi 1: Century's Aria

  • Ability(ies): Can stop time for five seconds.
  • Unlock command: Deus Ex Machina lock broken, revolver chain broken, Century's Aria! Time is frozen!
  • Owner: Uragira Reta

Shi 2: Calamity's Remains

  • Ability(ies): Can change the environment to anything. It can't change previously changed areas.
  • Unlock command: Subaru Ex Requiem lock broken, glock chain broken, Calamity's Remains! The world shall change!
  • Owner: Fujitsu

Shi 3: Heaven's Battle

  • Ability(ies): Can remove someone's free will. Can enter a weapon as well.
  • Unlock command: God Ex Devil, Jehovah Ex Lucifer, Angel Ex Demon! Magnum lock broken, Heaven's Battle! You are my slave!
  • Owner: Cova Ryun

Artificial Shis

Ashi 1: Chrono's Hell

  • Ability(ies): Can break time apart (ex. point A to point C. Erases point B completely.), the user is immune to the affects.
  • Unlock command: Time Ex God lock broken, beretta lock broken, Chrono's Hell! Time skips!
  • Owner: Rai


Anti-Shis are weapons that nullify the affects of a Shi and are able to destroy Shis.

A-Shi 0: Artimus

Artimus, while only useful for removing the power of someone, can erase the affects of Shis and can make the user immune to the Shis' affect.

A-Shi 1: Aria of Damnation

Aria of Damnation was made to counteract the affects of Century's Aria. It can't null the affects of the other Shis.

  • Owner: Unknown.


They don't really have any physical appearance, but they can be seen as a mist that covers the object it's attached to.


  • The name Shis is "Death" in romaji.