• I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is self proclaimed pro video game player
  • I am a huge derp!
  • RaythMercury

    How do you guys do it!?

    February 14, 2014 by RaythMercury

    How are some of you able to make your character that isnt a recoloration of a blazblue character? I really want to know!

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  • RaythMercury

    Well folks, it seems my short attention span has caused me to goof up. I must apologize to all the Admins of this wiki for my ignorance towards the Terms of Use and promise that it will never happen again. The time that I have wasted can't be redeemed. I shall have to work twice as hard in order to make up for lost time. I beg for your forgiveness and hope that I can continue working here, on the wiki, and with the other members.

    RaythMercury (talk) 14:56, June 10, 2013 (UTC)

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